Moving in the Snow Tips


Moving in the Snow Tips

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    If ever there was a time when professional movers were worth every penny it’s moving in the snowy winter. Hiring a moving company will limit the time you have to spend out in the frigid cold and decrease your chances of injury

    Clear a Path.
    You want your movers have sure footing when carrying heavy boxes and furniture out to the moving truck, shovel the sidewalks and driveway before they arrive. Then, apply a layer of sand or salt to prevent ice from forming underfoot.  We will put down floor protection to keep from tracking in snow and salt.

    Check the Utilities
    Make sure you have heat and lights. It is a task you don't want to forget to do. You should ensure that all utilities have been set-up and are fully functioning at all locations.

    Cold Weather Packing
    Pack temperature-sensitive items. Possessions that can be damaged by severe cold, like house plants, should be insulated with bubble wrap or transported in a warm car. Other fragile items like fine china can crack when exposed to low temperatures, so use extra layers of packing material. Don’t pack liquids – they can freeze. Drain liquids from appliances, lawnmowers, and similar items.

    Hire a Babysitter for Kids and Pets
    Moving with children and animals is hard. Moving children and animals in the winter is even harder. Consider trying to move boxes and furniture in the snow while looking out for smaller bodies that could be under feet.

    Have Supplies Handy
    Keep towels or rags available at both locations to wipe down anything that gets wet, snowy, or muddy.

    Look After Your Movers
    When you are moving, you are putting all your worldly possessions in the hands of your movers, so it pays to take care of them. Offering cups of tea, coffee and soup to fight off the winter cold is a small gesture that goes a long way.

    Be Ready for Plan B or Even Plan C
    What makes a winter move so difficult apart from the cold, snow and ice is the total unpredictability of the season. The words blizzard and moving doesn’t really go hand in hand, so be flexible and devise first a backup plan of your original plan, and then have a Plan C of your backup plan too. Here and There Moving knows all about the challenges of moving in the winter and we will most likely cooperate with you to find the best solution under the presented circumstances.
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